Other Web-services

Application programming interface or API denotes the functionality or linkage between various components of a software. APIs are libraries that contain within their scope routines, object classes, methods, variables and data structures which are widely used for 3rd Party Web Services and for different API integration procedures. 3rd party functionality using the services of other APIs than the ones commonly known are many.

  • Used as the standard base for many template libraries used in Java API and C++ programming languages.
  • Specification of a set of routines or functions in procedural languages
  • Inclusion of a wide variety of functions like math, standard input output and the likes
  • Use of other APIs in object oriented programming languages
  • Description of a set of classes in High level programming languages using the API

Other APIs excluding the likes of XML and SOAP API are commonly used all over for their varied use in a wide spectrum of areas. APIs can be commonly seen as a wide collection of objects that can be easily derived from the respective classes in the completion of any web development program or programming language. API developers from across the globe bear in mind a few solid principles for completion of various projects

  • A properly framed algorithm that can be easily transformed into machine language
  • A flowchart designed on the basis of the algorithm for the proper completion of the program
  • Incorporation of proper sub classes and methods used in the delivery of products
  • Conception of the API as the sum total of all member functions included within the program

API developers are searching and devising newer and better web development strategies to come up with the best web solutions that could be had from this line of programming.